Guide for the public and researchers

Archive materials maintained by the Archive may be used by anyone, provided they respect the valid legal regulations. Such use may be achieved as follows:

  • directly by study of the archive materials, their reproduction, or archive aids in one of the Archive’s research rooms;
  • indirectly on the basis of a written request for research, excerpt from or duplicate of the archive materials;
  • through exhibition, lecturing and pedagogical activity.

Studying archive materials in a research room

The study of archive materials in a research room is covered by Regulation No. 645/2004 Coll. and the ensuing Research Rules. How to proceed? Each person interested in studying materials looks up the respective archive collection in the archive guide or collection list, depending on the chosen topic. If necessary, he may seek advice from a research room employee, who may also arrange a consultation with the respective collection administrator. The applicant for study in the Archive must fill out a research sheet and present identification during each visit to the archive. There are archive finding aids to the collections which result from the material’s processing. With the help of these aids, one can find information about the contents of the archive materials and basic information about their origin. Based on the finding aid, the researcher chooses the specific archive materials or a group of them and completes a request form (information about correct completion is provided by the research room supervisor). Based on this request, the archive material is prepared at the respective research room, but not immediately, as preparation requires some time due to the scope and location of materials. Archive materials may be studied on site only; they may not be removed from the research room. Upon payment, the researcher may obtain archive materials according to the established rules.

Use of archive materials by submitting a written request for research, excerpt from or duplicate of archive materials

This manner of using the archive materials (indirect) is common in official transactions. It takes place on the basis of written requests from legal entities and natural persons (including state administrative authorities and originators of archive materials) sent to the Archive. Pertinent copies of archive materials made in reply to these requests bear a certification clause (confirmation of conformity with the original). Copies and certification are provided to the originators of the archive materials or their legal successors and state authorities free of charge. The Security Services Archive answers various written requests from applicants and processes specialized thematic research for which it has the respective archive documents in its collections. Research services are subject to a fee. The prices range from 250 to 440 Czech crowns per hour, depending on the complexity of the research (see the Research Rules). The charge relates to the time and complexity of work spent on the research. Requests for research in the Security Services Archive may be submitted at the research room, the registry or sent by mail.

Important notice!

The Archive can only confirm and communicate information which can be determined directly from the archive materials within its administration, or recommend contacting a different archive or organization. The Archive has no decision-making authority; it is only an information administrator! Because the processing of requests and research often requires cooperation between several employees of individual Archive departments and the study of archive materials which often haven’t been sorted yet, in more complex cases request and research handling may take up to several months.